About Us

Friendly, Helpful Air Conditioning Installers, Maintenance, Servicing and Repair Nationwide!

We can provide you with an air conditioning system to suit your specific requirements and can offer a 24 hour call out service and full air conditioning maintenance contract, giving you peace of mind and a comfortable working environment!

All our air conditioning installers are fully trained across all types and sizes of air conditioning systems, meaning they can undertake any kind of air conditioning installation, servicing, maintenance or repair. They are fully accredited with all the necessary trade recognised bodies and HVAC standard and we are CHAS accredited.

Our philosophy is simple – we look after our customers! Our reputation is founded on the philosophy of quality and reliability of service. Ask any of our customers and they’ll tell you just how happy they are with our services.

Air conditioning is the ideal way of controlling temperature, whether it be cooling or heating, movement and cleanliness of air inside any building whether large or small and with today’s buildings being generally well insulated, the need for effective climate control is greater than ever.

Not only does it cool in the summer months but air conditioning can also heat, avoiding the necessity for separate heating systems altogether. More and more people today are enjoying the benefits of comfortable working and living environments made possible by this latest technology.

Scientific evidence point to man-made chemicals for the damage caused to the ozone layer but the systems used by us are chlorine-free refrigerants which are safe and have ‘zero ozone depletion potential’. Accordingly this means that you will be using less energy and will, therefore, be helping the environment as well as yourselves, with significantly reduced running costs.

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