Air Conditioning Installation, Service & Repairs

From hot restaurants and bars to freezing cold hotel rooms, unbearably warm offices and shops to sweaty fitness rooms, our air conditioning systems can help solve all your temperature problems.

We offer air conditioning installation, servicing, maintenance and repair, with a 24 hour call out service and offer a wide range of air conditioning systems and bespoke options to fit your exact requirements.

Air conditioning is not a one size fits all system. Every building has different requirements and every business is unique, so, before we do anything, we discuss your requirements and develop a solution that will fit your needs.

We have installed air conditioning units and systems to over 300 buildings throughout the UK, from pubs and restaurants to shopping malls, hotels and offices, making them a more comfortable environment to shop, work, eat and sleep.

All our air conditioning installers and maintainers are fully trained to a high level and on all our systems, making them highly competent for any air conditioning installation, service or maintenance task. They are also fully accredited with the necessary trade recognised bodies and HVAC standards.

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